Jazz Fingers – Corpuscarii electro-priests (Experimenting with Contrast paints)

  • The alien mechanism is a perversion of the True Path.

If people were curious of contrast citadel colour contrast paints used for these corpuscarii electro-priests

Cloak: Contrast paint = Flesh Tearers red

Bracelets: Contrast paint = Cygor Brown

Front scroll: Contrast paint = Gore-Grunta Fur

Electric rods: Contrast paint = Aethermatic Blue

Metal areas: Base paint = Leadbelcher

Skin: Contrast paint = Basilicanum Grey then Dry Paint = Necron compound light dry brush over some parts so give it a slight frosted look and highlight.

Base: is Technical paint = Astrogranite with Technincal paint = Valhallan blizzard and Citadel mordheim turf (super glue ‘freezes’ them and then light valhallan over top of tufts)

Dry Paint = Necron Compound is also used lightly on some metal parts to give the model a lift and make some small details pop and giving it a frosty look